Saturday, October 13, 2007

My CafeMom Homeschool Group

Come on over and check out my homeschool group on CafeMom. It is all about sharing free and inexpensive resources to homeschool for practically no money except the cost of the internet and some secondhand curriculum choices. It can be done. The group is free too. No ads and no spam allowed on my group (this includes curriculum dealers).

Homeschool 101 (On a Budget)

Homeschool 101 (On a Budget)

Check out my group at CafeMom


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Household Happenings

Okay so I haven't posted for a while. Not a legitimate post about me anyway. Life is chaotic. What else can I say? I am a full time college student. I'm a stay at home mom to three girls. I homeschool my oldest and soon to be our middle daughter as well if things don't start going better at preschool. My husband is out of town every other week on business. I guess I am a single mom 50% of the time too.

With all that said and done I have to say I feel more balanced than I have in a while. I love school. I love learning. I love being able to do something substantial for myself for once. I love all the other things too but college balances it all out for me.

So far this semester, I have all A's. It's really exciting. I want to do the best I can do. It's funny how age can do that to a person. My first time around in college I thought I cared about my grades but I really didn't. Had I cared about my grades I would have put my social/party life on hold. I would have taken it all more seriously.

Homeschooling is going great too. Monica is excelling in all subjects. She told me the other day that she loves chemistry and thinks that she would like to pursue the career of a pharmacist. That makes me very happy. I know that it can change in the future but at least for now I have a direction in which to guide my daughter. We went to the library today and checked out some books for kids on basic chemistry.

Alexandra is not liking preschool as much as she did last year. I haven't pinpointed the exact problem but I will bring her home to homeschool too if I have to. Hopefully, we can get to the root of the problem before it comes to that.

Lucianna is my little ball of trouble. Now we know for a fact that she is allergic to all dairy and eggs. That means that the goat milk I've been giving her is an allergy too. The reaction wasn't as bad. Well I took her off the goat milk. She hated soymilk but loved hempmilk. So now we pay over $30 a week on milk but it's worth it to have a healthy baby again. She is so full of energy now. The hempmilk is full of vitamins, minerals and omega 3 fatty acids too. It's really healthy. Hopefully that will aid with the anemia.

Cute story! The other day it was thundering in the distance and Alex was outside without shoes on. I told her to get inside and hurry. She asked why. I told her because she was outside in her bare feet. She said, "MOOOOMMMMMMM, I have kid feet not bear feet!"


Tuesday, October 02, 2007