Friday, February 16, 2007

Thirteen Thursday 9

Thirteen Uses for Knitting Needles!

1. Hair Sticks. I never seem to have a ponytail holder when I need one but I always seem to have knitting needles with me!

2. Drum Sticks on the table. This is a favorite for my 9 year old daughter and just the thing to drive mom crazy.

3. A hole punch. Yes, as embarrassing it is, I have done this in a pinch.

4. A coffee stir stick. Again embarrassing but it has been done.

5. Back scratcher. Yep, I'm still embarrassed.

6. Pointing to something I'm talking about.

7. Pushing something down that I can't reach off the top shelf of a cabinet.

8. I tap the baby's behind with one when she starts trying to sabotage a current knitting project or unwinding a yarn ball.

9. Reaching something that fell behind the refrigerator or under the couch.

10. Carving and adding detail into Alexandra's latest playdoh project.

11. Pointing to one of the children when they are getting into something they shouldn't be when I am trying to knit. They have come to know this as a warning. Mom's knitting needles are serious business.

12. Measuring device when I cannot find a ruler or tape measure. This is one step better than eyeballing it!

13. The final and favorite use for knitting needles, KNITTING of course!

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Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Oh, I can picture me doing every single one of these -- maybe because if you replace a knitting needle with my purple editing pen (purple outside; black ink), that's me. Except for the coffee stirring part. That's a good way to ruin my favorite pen.

Not to mention that ink-flavored coffee is terrible.

Happy TT!

amy said...

Very creative list! Nice blog template as well. Im trying to figure out how to knit..Classes may be fun!

m.o.M. said...

All things I've done with mine. The only other thing I'd add is "wanting to poke someone who's particularly annoying!"

Lady G~ said...

Learning to knit is on my "want" list. Great list!

Barbara said...

I'm late in reading this list, but it's very good. I used to do a few of those things with my knitting needles. But, after my kids got very big, I quit knitting. I need to get started back. I've been crocheting all these years myself.


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