Thursday, August 02, 2007

A Young Man at Shriner's Hospital

Each time I go to that hospital I see at least one child that touches my heart in a way that's really hard to express. I met a young man (approx 9 - 12 yrs of age). He had just had surgery on both legs and had undergone surgery on both arms earlier to fix (as much as possible) deformities (assuming congenital). He was so upbeat. The positive life and energy flowing through this boy touched me like nothing I've ever experienced. He was talking to another boy who "had something in his leg" as his father put it. The young man in the wheelchair told the other boy's father not to worry in his Spanish accent "because the doctors here are miracle workers man."

The boy then wheeled over to me and told me how adorable Lucianna is. I asked him about himself. He had been in the hospital for 5 months undergoing surgeries to fix his body as much as possible. He was going home to Puerto Rico the next day. We talked about how excited he is to be going home.

I wish I would have asked the boy his name. He doesn't know it but he touched my life. No matter what life deals you, the choice is yours to be happy and enjoy life or to be miserable. This child chose to be happy even through all the gauze covering his stitched up legs and his scarred arms from recent surgery which were way to short for his body. I pray that he stays happy and continues to touch peoples lives as he did mine. God has given him a special gift. His love, compassion and encouragement shines like a beacon. I can only pray that he uses his gifts to their full potential. He is definitely on his way to making a lasting mark in this world.

I ended our conversation with Good Luck. I wish I would have said "Shine your light young man. Shine your light for all to see!"

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Anonymous said...

Our Shrine doctors perform miracles every day.

A Proud Shriner in Wyoming