Thursday, October 05, 2006

Thursday Thirteen 6

Thirteen Nicknames we call our children

1…. Monica has been called Monnie Moo Moo since birth.

2. Alexandra has been called Houdini ever since we first put her into a chair with straps. This child has refused to be confined since birth. She never slept in a crib, refused to play in a playpen and no stroller, carseat or highchair straps have ever held her down.

3. Lucianna has been called Hunny Bug since birth. I don't know why but that is just what comes out when I look at her.

4. Monica has been called Drama Queen for the last couple of years. And the emmy goes to......Monica for her role in the made for television movie, This is the Worst Day of my Life!

5. Alexandra is often called BooBerry. Don't know why but that was what I called her when she was just a little baby.

6. Lucianna is called Pudge by her daddy. It's amazing that this baby that was born with too much skin for her itty bitty baby body is now a little ball of pudge.

7. We often call Alexandra by the name of The Machine. She never stops running. It's exhausting watching her.

8. Alexandra is also called The Rockstar. She loves to sing, dance and entertain.

9. Lucianna is called the Princess (although all of our girls have been called princess at one time or another when they were the baby.)

10. Alexandra has been called Sweetie Pea by me for a long time. Now I find myself calling Lucianna by that one as well.

11. Lucianna laughs uncontrollable when I call her Fat Baby. It must be the way I say it that tickles her so.

12. All three of our girls have been PorkABaby, Little Pig, Pig and Porkababy Stew as little chubby babies. These were started by my husband.

13. When my husband and I are talking about the girls, we refer to them as the Three Little Indians. Individually, we refer to them as the Little Indian, the Middle Indian and the Big Indian.

It's a wonder that any of our children even know there names!

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Jen said...

We call Tiernan BooBerry. It started because my husband started calling him "Buki." (You know, from the digitally remastered version of The Empire Strikes Back when Jabba the Hutt said "Han me buki" and it was translated as "Han my boy." Yeah, we're nerds.)

Anyway, Buki became Boo, then BooBerry. :-)

Faerylandmom said...

Those are some hilarious names! I call my 3 year old son "Turbo," ever since he could crawl. My almost 2 year old daughter is my "Baby Doll," and my 7 month girl is "Sunshine." My husband calls both girls "Cuteness."

Thanks for stopping by today. :o)

KarenW said...

We used to call our 1st dd Hannah Houdini because she was always escaping from her highchair and carseat. Great TT. I hope you can drop by mine!

Faith Lifts said...

People tease me that my kids don't have names just made up things that I call them.. My oldest we call Weeder, my middle is moo or mookie or mookalicious... the baby is leevers or boogie. We haven't come up with a good one yet, but he's just 2. ;)