Tuesday, September 11, 2007

September 11, 2001

It was a day that changed my life. We all know what the events were that happened that day. It changed my life forever in many ways. I wish it would have never happened but I am thankful for the positive changes and sad about the negative changes.

I was in a hotel in Kingston, NY (less than 90 minutes away). I was stunned as I watched it happen on TV. We were looking for an apartment because my husband was being transferred. A couple of hours later someone was showing us an apartment as people were walking and running around. They were all talking about going and getting their children out of school and how we were under attack. The pandemonium was scary to say the least.

Things in my life that are changed:

I am a Conservative Republican now rather than a wishy washy Liberal.

I am afraid to fly.

I do profile when I see Muslims, especially since the results to that poll that came out which said that 25% of Muslim males believe that suicide bombing is okay in some instances. What?!!!!

I do think that a terrorist attack on American soil will happen in my lifetime (again). I never thought it was possible before and I'm surprised it hasn't happened again already.

I care about politics and who is elected in office. I can't say that I did before 9/11.

I like Dennis Miller now.

I can't stand most celebrities now. They make me ill with their treasonous remarks and actions.

I don't take things for granted as much as I did before. I am thankful for every day that I have with my family.

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