Monday, November 05, 2007

We Found a New Church!

It has been a year long journey, well not really because I wasn't entirely diligent in my search, but we found a new church for the family. It's right in town and has a great children's program.

My daughter Monica hasn't been this excited about going to church in a LONG time. She has met other girls her age who are also homeschooled. They have invited her to be on the junior Bible Quizzing Team and she has already attended her first youth group meeting.

Alexandra loved it and already has a part in the Christmas pageant as a donkey. Awwww! It will be adorable.

I found myself in a wonderful mixed adult Sunday school class on discipleship. I was so happy to be accepted into a group that reminded me so much of a group I once led in Sunday school back in 2002 (we reluctantly moved from that area so I had to leave that church). I was absolutely floored when the leader of the group handed me the set of study books at the end of class. He told me that they were mine to keep. I looked these books up online and they cost almost $40.00. Wow! I will put the money into offering next week even though I wasn't asked to do so. I expected them to ask for money for the books. I was going to buy them regardless. This group showed me exactly what I wanted to see in a "home church" on my first visit!

Oh, I am so happy. I'm pretty sure God has led me to the church that I can be actively involved in, learn from and call Home!

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Candace & Anna said...

Congrats on the new church! It is hard to find a church after you leave one that you love so much.