Monday, April 02, 2007

Buzz, Buzz, Buzz OUCH!

It's been years since the last time I was stung until today. The funny thing is that I was stung this year before I even saw a bee, any bee for that matter (actually it was a yellow jacket.) It wasn't even that warm today. The wind was downright chilly. I think I may have been stung by the only yellow jacket tough enough to stand the cool temperature.

I was getting out of my van. I put my hand on the door to shut it and I felt searing, hot pain on my thumb. I pulled my hand away as fast as I could and saw the little pest. It got me good. I muttered a few words under my breath and flicked it away so it wouldn't get in the van to sting Alex or Luci.

Happy Spring to me!


Anonymous said...

Kim, as a former-active-duty beekeeper I can tell you this works for stings.

Keep a 9 volt battery - the little square one with two posts on top [some folks honestly don't know which ones they are] in a ziploc bag (so it doesn't make contact with a loose coin, key, etc. in the purse and run out of energy].

For a sting, remove the stinger by scraping straight across with a firm object - credit card, long fingernail, smooth edge of a key - in the opposite direction the sting is angled (if the stinger is present).

Then wet either side of the sting and hold the battery with one post on either side.

The charge is very small but will actually deactivate the venom greatly reducing the reaction.

This is _not_ for people who are allergic to the venom. They need to stick with their epi pens or whatever their doctor has prescribed.

This is for general use by folks who aren't otherwise allergic.

Nice blog, btw!


Raspberry Grace said...

Wow, great advice for the stings,thank you Ima.