Saturday, April 07, 2007

A Donkey in Church?

We went to church tonight to see the annual Easter drama production. Everyone I spoke to earlier in the week raved about how the drama ministry in my new church is so strong. "Semi professional" is the term most used along with "and it's free". Many said that I could not miss it. Just about all said they wouldn't miss it.

I had a MOPS meeting at church on Thursday so I was able to peek at the scenery. WOW! As soon as I saw this set, I knew I had to see the play. The stage was set in the old sanctuary of the church. The scenery ran along every wall. It was 360 degrees of Jerusalem scenery with all the chairs for spectators in the middle. I was so impressed but is the play really going to be as good as the set? As good and better.

The play was awesome! The acting was fantastic! The band played well! I have been to many plays and even volunteered at a theater before. I've never seen a play produced as well as this one.

The Play is told by John the disciple when he is an older man, just after he finished writing Revelations. It is looking back on the last week of Jesus' life to the Resurrection. It was well done and there were at least 500 people in that sanctuary that could attest to this.

My daughter had two favorite parts. One was when Jesus was dragging the cross down the aisle to the front. It appeared real to her. Maybe that is because the cross was real. This guy is dragging a solid wooden cross that is twice his size and he was struggling with it. He half carried it, half dragged it to the front and then off stage. The other favorite part was the Jesus entering Jerusalem on a donkey. Yes, they used a REAL donkey. I'm so glad we were close to the aisle so my daughter had a good look. Jesus rode down the aisle of my church, to the stage, on a real donkey, while the rest of the cast was there with palms.

What I loved about this play was that every scene was done so well and realistic. There was no "on stage" crucifixion. Lets face it. I've never seen a play that was able to pull off a "realistic" looking crucifixion scene. What they did tonight though was set the stage and leave the scene of Christ's death to the spectator's imagination. WOW! It was extremely powerful.

There are two more shows on Easter day. I hope each of those shows is just as packed as this one. Last year they had over 1500 in attendence between all three shows. Looks like it could be the same this year.

It was a great experience for my family to spend Easter Eve in church watching the last week of Jesus' life to the Resurrection. Sure we all know the story. When you see it played out so well in front of your eyes though, it's a gift.

Happy Easter!

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