Friday, April 06, 2007

I'm a FlyBaby!

I have always been challenged in the area of housekeeping. I am NOT Suzie Homemaker and would never pretend to be. I am honest. I tell people that although I consider myself a very good mother, I'm not great at cleaning.

Someone at The Homeschool Library recommended FlyLady to me. I had never heard of her. I looked her up, read her site and joined. It's been three days of my inbox being inundated with email reminders and testimonials and such. I thought I better get started. Today, I shined my sink.

I have an island in the middle of my kitchen with my sink located there. It has been a dumping ground for everything that I couldn't immediately find a home for. It didn't take long for my kitchen to look horrible. Stacks of papers, books, newspapers, magazines, craft items, baskets, single baby socks I couldn't find a mate to, Easter decorations (I found some Christmas decorations too!) were all items that I found today in my quest to "shine my sink" and the surrounding area.

Well I completed the project and it looks beautiful. My whole kitchen was transformed by that one task. The funny thing is I have been going into the kitchen all night and it's like I can't stop staring at my sink! Sometimes I walk into the kitchen and forget what I did today and am pleasantly surprised. This can't be my kitchen.

I'm very excited to continue with this program to see if it works for me. By the way, it's free. No joining fee and a ton of great organization, declutter, cleaning and health information! I have nothing to lose!

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Mary Boston said...

I have a link to that site on my page and totally love their website. Although, I wouldn't consider myself a Flylady. I've never shined my sink. Will you keep us posted on how the decluttering process goes?