Wednesday, January 03, 2007

We had the flu during the holiday. Yippee! There are no Christmas morning pics of the baby or Alexandra because they were so sick (unless of course, you like green snot). Monica was able to enjoy more because she is the child who never gets sick. She is the carrier of the family. She will (as she did this time)come home from school with a stuffy nose. It will last for two or three days. The rest of us get dog sick for two weeks. Thank you very much.

I did try to get the girls together for a Christmas morning picture. It went something like this. All the girls were sitting together. Lucianna sneezed a big snotty sneeze. This grossed out Alexandra, whose stomach was already queasy. She started gagging. Monica was so sure that Alex would throw up that she ran away gagging. I knew at this delightful holiday moment that there would be no pictures for this Christmas morning but many great memories.

Just about every piece of clothing we own has snot, puke, pee or poop on it. My washer and dryer won't be installed for at least another week or so as the plumbing still has to be run. Looks like it's at least one more gigantic trip to the laundromat. I finally got caught up on dishes today. As soon as I get the housework under control than I can take down the Christmas decorations.

We are all on the road to recovery. The baby and Alexandra are still a little sick but definitely better. One thing I can say. Even through all the sickness, pretending to be well for our Christmas Eve gathering at the house (which I really wanted to cancel but people were traveling for) and endless baking, cooking and cleaning it was a wonderful Christmas. We were blessed enough to provide a great Christmas for our children. We saw many smiles through all the sickness.

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