Saturday, September 16, 2006

Horrified By Primetime's Cruel Intentions

I watched Primetime on Thursday night. I never watch this show but it was about preteen and teen girls. It was about the cruel, backstabbing way that girls treat each other and how computers, blogs, cellphones etc make this process more appealing to girls that normally wouldn't ever bully anyone else.

I was horrified to say the least. At first I was saying to myself "how will I protect my babies from monsters like this?" By the end of the show I was asking myself, "how will I prevent my babies from becoming monsters like this?"

I think I'm raising them right. I hope I can find the church in our new town that is going to keep their interest in activities. I hope they respect the Christian morals that I think I am teaching them.

Watching this report was an eye opener. These girls were not uneducated or horribly behaved children. They were the smart ones. "Girls who cyberbully are girls who are very invested, do well in school, have friends, want to go to college. They believe that it's sort of fun and they'll never be caught." I don't know about you but this could be my daughter.

As hard as it was to watch, I'm so glad I did. I believe it's best to be informed so that I can teach my children about the world and how to deal with it. Because of this report, we made a few life decisions (and rules) for the girls and how we parent them.

1. There will NEVER ever be a computer in the privacy of one of the girls' bedroom.

2. Church, Bible study and prayer are going to be a larger part of our lives together.

3. Monica is extremely bored at school. Since this school doesn't have an enrichment program for the gifted children, we will create our own. I am currently researching homeschooling curriculum's to supplement her public school education. Please comment with any recommendations homeschooling moms!

4. Myspace has no space in my daughters' space. I wish I could keep them from even knowing it exists. I'm sure there will be something new by the time the youngest girls grow older. I feel as if I am in a race to keep up with this garbage.

5. I'm going to have to teach my daughters how to keep themselves covered in locker rooms because some mean and nasty girls think it's fun to take pictures of girls they want to cyberbully and post on the Internet. If that ever happened to my daughter I would cry so hard and be so mad. She hates to undress in front of me.

6. Did I mention that computers will only be used by children in the common areas of the house?

This report brought back all the horrible memories of middle school. I never ate my lunch. I was too nervous for fear of what would come next. I wasn't picked on a lot but I saw it happen to others. Now it's so much worse. Arrrrgh!

Well, I think I have a few years to prepare my oldest for battle. That's what it is too. A battle.

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Sissy B. said...

My daughter just entered her first year of middle school. Thus far it has been a positive experience, however I hope that I don't delude myself and miss the obvious. Girls are cruel at this age...we must remain vigilant to the small nuances in our children's are correct...prepare for battle!