Friday, September 08, 2006

Waking Up in A Hotel Every Morning Stinks

Well, we will finally be closing on our house by the end of next week. This should have been done a month ago, but that would have been easy and chaotic free.

We have been living in a hotel in the town where our new house is located so that Monica could start school on the first day of school. This was a non negotiable since she has been through this too many times already. She hates being the "new kid." I wanted her to start fresh just like everyone else. She loves her new teacher and she has many new friends.

Living in the hotel stinks. Literally. It has an indoor swimming pool, which the kids love. The amount of chlorine they use in that pool is enough to sterilize the Atlantic Ocean, I'm sure of it. We got there on Tuesday and by Wednesday my head felt like an overfilled balloon. The smell of chlorine permeated the whole hotel. I felt as if I was sleeping right next to the pool.

The stay went fairly well considering the fact that our family of 5 was living in a small room. It was kind of like being locked in a big cage with a wild animal.

We ate out way too much. Thank God for Holiday Inn's "Kids Eat Free." We are going to call the hotel on Sunday before we go back up. If they don't have a room with a microwave then we will take our own. I just cannot eat carry out food, expensive restaurant food or fast food any more.

Coming home was bittersweet. We really want to be in our new house. Our lives will be so much easier. We were glad to get out of the hotel but not happy to travel back to the house that we should have been moved out of by now.

Now it's back to packing. We are going to go through the garage this weekend. Anything we do not absolutely need is going to the curb. I'm sick of taking all this stuff with me everytime we move. We have to do this whirlwind packing now because we have to be back up to the new hometown on Sunday night so Monica can be at school on Monday morning.

With any luck at all, this will be the last week of living in limbo. Our lives will hopefully change back to our normal level of chaos rather than this extreme unbalanced chaos that we have been forced to live lately.

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The Pajama Mama said...

Yikes, that can't be fun! I hope everything gets taken care of soon! Just remember, soon it will all be over with and well worth the downfalls.