Thursday, September 14, 2006

Still Stuck in a Hotel Room With All Three Children

Arrrrggggghhhhh! That about sums it up. This is crazy. I will be able to post more next week because my husband will be back from a business trip. Still only have one laptop.

I don't like leaving the children in the room by themselves to go down and use the lobby computer (even though Monica is very capable of supervising for 30 minutes or so).

I also don't like having to race to the computer to beat out other patrons for time to blog. I'm sure they think that their business is much more important. Actually, they are so wrong. This little bit of time on the computer is what enables me to keep my sanity. That's much more important than the little tidbit of business they are trying to take care of.

Hopefully, I will be moving into my new house soon. Unfortunately, it looks like October 1st is the new date. How will I live through this?

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