Friday, September 22, 2006

Update on the Crazy Life of Me

I don't know if this picture quite conveys the level of chaos and frustration of this week. It's just been crazy. I've always heard and believed the saying that the Lord will only give you as much as you can handle. Well I think I'm to that point. I have cried many tears. Some are of sadness and some are of frustration and anger.

Alexandra damaged her eardrum enough that she will need surgery. First we have to get a hearing test done and make sure she hasn't lost the hearing in that ear. I think she has a degree of hearing loss in that ear but not completely. She told me the other night that she had "ghosts" in her ear. Maybe she was hearing an echo. I don't know.

Lucianna had her MRI on Wednesday. It was completely normal. This ruled out any tumors in the brain or any injury or growths on her spinal cord. It looks like this is a birth defect. The pediatric neurologist said it is most likely an underdeveloped perineal nerve. Only time will tell. I am going to take her to Upstate Medical in Syracuse for a second opinion just to be safe. I was not feeling completely comfortable with the doctor saying that only time will tell.

We still have a move date of October 1st. I cannot wait to get to my new house. This is by far the craziest time I've ever had in my life. Between doctors, testing, moving and staying in a hotel during the week, I feel like a gypsy.

Monica is doing well in school. She has decided she does want to learn to play an instrument and has chosen the saxophone. I think it's a good choice. She loves jazz and blues music.

I realize that my posts are sparce and not as funny and witty as usual. To tell the truth, I'm not feeling very humorous of late. This too shall pass.

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amy said...

You dont know me but I will be praying for you and your family!