Wednesday, August 17, 2011

If You Could See Me Now

Before I start on this post, let me be very clear.  There will be no picture!

I got home tonight at 9pm ready to run upstairs and read.  I checked email and FB first.  Before I could grab my book, my hubby came in to go to bed and turned out the light.  I guess I'm not reading my book.  Okay I guess I will hang out in the wide world of internet for a while. 

Next, the two smaller Smalls came into our room.  I'm scared, I feel sick, it's too hot in our room...and so on.  I'm sure you get the picture.  The tallest of the Smalls is downstairs watching a movie.  I'm not going to just kick her out after we told her she could hang out down there.  So I decide that I'm going into the kid's bedroom for some peace and quiet. 

I grab my computer and book and head in.  It's a mess (I know what my kids will be doing tomorrow).  I can't just sit on their beds with a computer or book.  Way too uncomfortable and the lighting is not right for reading.  So I kick debris aside and grab the video game chair.  It's one of those rocker chairs that's low to the ground.  I place it in between the two twin beds and am sitting here typing away. 

I do look ridiculous but at least it's quiet!

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