Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

Sundays mean two things to me right now...Church and Coupons!  Let's start with church.

I love my church (which is the way it should be).  I go to .  Their motto is "Come as you are and be loved."  I know that is the way it should be at all churches, but in my experience, that is not the case.  This church lives it 100%.  I feel as though I could walk into that church regardless of any situation going on in my life and I am going to feel love.  I am fortunate to go there each week and share a community with the people there.  The service is uplifting.  The people are happy.  It truly inspires me to be a better person every time I come away from service and I am grateful for it.

I also clip coupons on Sundays and check out weekly deals at each store in town.  I love couponing and come away with many great deals (several are usually free) each week.  It is an art and a challenge to find the best possible deal each week.  I never thought I'd see myself enjoying this so much.  When I come out of a store with loads of items and pay a minimal amount for them, I feel like a conqueror of sorts.  What am I conquering?  Who knows.  All I know is that I'm sick of these large retailers taking what little money I have right now.  If they have a coupon policy that enables me to get free items, then I will take advantage!

Sundays are going to change very soon because I am ready for some FOOTBALL!  I imagine I will somehow clip coupons while watching football after getting home from church.  These will make for some VERY happy days!

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