Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Big Day Tomorrow

I have a second interview at a local cancer center.  I had my first interview with them on Friday.  This is HUGE!  I'm so nervous.  It's a clinical interview so I will be working with the therapists and helping them treat patients.  I will be glad to be around patients again.  I truly love what I do.  I'm just so nervous about the fact that I have to impress everyone again tomorrow.  Probably an interview with the Dr too. 

I have been on a green smoothie feast for 2 days now.  My first goal is 10 days.  If I make it there and feel as good as I do now then I will continue for 30 days.  Who knows how long I can keep this up.  I just want to be healthy.  I drink 3 - 5 large smoothies a day.  I feel surprisingly satisfied.  I feel so healthy right now.  I see the raw food lifestyle as something I can hold onto and be proud of it.

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