Saturday, August 26, 2006

Be Back Soon

Okay. So my laptop has failed me yet again. It is not working and I have to take it somewhere to be serviced. My husband is going out of town on business and will be taking his laptop with him. I will be out of touch with the world wide web until at least Wednesday, possibly longer.

This will give me more time to pack, clean and tile the kitchen countertop.

So ta ta for now until we meet again! I will miss everyone.


Something's Missing said...

Oh, bummer! I hate not being connected! Hope you are back and running soon!

Cool Mama said...

Hey...just dropped in..and read your post on your PostOffice encounter! I say 'good for you'. yeahh..maybe you could have been less snotty, but I think there's a fine line between 'snotty' and 'standing your ground'! I love it that you are standing - if you don't, what is the next person going to do! I also know that God obviously brought that man to your attention for a reason - it's not always about us learning what we need, it's also (I've learned) about God using someone else's bad day, to get my attention - and to pray for them! So..anywyas..I loved the sound like me - loving, but firm! Way to go! Can't wait to drop in again!