Thursday, August 03, 2006

Thursday Thirteen # 2

Thirteen Things about what we would like to do on our trip to Maryland next week
I know this is a little late but I have to use my husbands laptop until tomorrow because my power cord has a major short in it and I had to order a new one!

1. The Maryland Zoo. We have a family pass at our little dinky zoo and the Baltimore Zoo is a reciprocal zoo for that pass. Yeah. A freebie!

2. The National Aquarium. I haven't been there since the first year it was open and that was an elementary school field trip.

3. The Maryland Science Center. I was there the same day as the aquarium. I wonder if I will still be in awe as I was that day in my young life?

4. Edgar Allen Poe's House.

5. Edgar Allen Poe's Grave. Right down the street from his house.

6. Top of the World Observation Level -- Tallest building in Baltimore overlooking the city. Went there on that one field trip as well. Wow!

7. U.S.S. Constellation -- the last all sail warship built by the Navy. Now it's a museum open to the public in the Inner Harbor.

8. Dundalk, MD -- this is the community that I grew up in til age 10. I know it has changed a lot but I'd like to see the house I lived in as a child and the house my grandparents owned.

9. Ross's Crab House and as many more crab houses as I can go to-- I am going to eat steamed crabs from the time I get down there til I have to leave. Ross's is still open (I googled them) and I remember getting the best steamed Chesapeake bay blues there. My mom doesn't and never has liked seafood so I also remember that they have one heck of a steak sub!

10. A drive by my old elementary school to see if it's still there. I think my nine yr old would love to look into my past.

11. Port Discovery -- the children's museum.

12. My husband has specifically requested that we ride the ducks. That is where you ride an amphibious vehicle through historic neighborhoods and waters. I think we will all enjoy!

13. Lexington Market. A historic marketplace with over 140 vendors. It was established in 1782. I've never been there but I guess they have every kind of food imaginable. That is right up my alley!

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KarenW said...

There's a lot of fun things to do there. I hope you have a great trip. 2 cents said...

Great list! I hope you have a fun trip next week!!

Raggedy said...

That sounds like a great trip!
The dolphin show is excellent!
My Dad rescued and flew a baby seal to that aquarium. It is not a baby anymore but it still lives there.

My TT is up

MInTheGap said...

Looks like you have your trip all planned-- don't forget the essentials!

My TT is up!

Mary Boston said...

I just found your blog and LOVE it! It is now an official part of my morning routine.

kelli said...

That sounds like it will be an awesome trip! Hope you have a great time!