Thursday, August 24, 2006

Thirteen Thursday 4

Thirteen Things I Hate About the Post Office

1. Long lines

2. Ebay people who come in at 4:45 with 100 packages to be mailed. I did ebay at one time and when I started having a lot of packages, I bought a scale and used paypal to print out my own postage. It was great!

3. Post office workers who think they are God. This is not the case for all. Most of my experiences with postal workers have been very good.

4. My one very bad experience at the post office, Going Postal!

5. There aren't any pens at the tables at our post office anymore because people were stealing them. Now you have to wait in line just to ask for a pen.

6. Longer lines.

7. The smell. I don't know if it's cardboard, ink, packaging or just the fact that most post offices are in older buildings. There is a certain smell that I don't like.

8. The smallest roll of tape cost $3.29.

9. They stopped providing priority mail tape to the public. This really made me angry. Priority mail rates went up. Ebay kicked priority mail into high gear. They stopped supplying the tape to pack the boxes. Go figure.

10. If anything makes you angry, it's not like you can say, "Fine, I'll never use your service again!" They have you trapped. I have definately scaled down my use of the post office. When I do sell on ebay, I use UPS but I still have to send mail out sometimes.

11. A personal home mailbox is considered federal government property but you have to purchase it for them. The postal service should have to provide a standard mailbox. If someone doesn't like that one then they could go buy a nicer one.

12. It's so quiet. They should have muzak or something. I think silence makes the wait seem longer.

13. Did I mention the longest lines ever?

Sorry this was late but my days have been full of packing and today we started showing the house to prospective buyers. Fun Fun!

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Raggedy said...

We have such a small post office so we don't have any hassle.
Yours sounds just awful.
Great TT
My TT is up
Have a wonderful day!

Maribeth said...

We have such a nice Post Offic ehere, that I feel so lucky and blessed

Candy Minx said...

Yeah, governemnt line ups are challenging aren't they? Have you ever read the novel "Post Office" by charles Bukowski? It's hilarious. Um two movies have been made about him Barfly and a new one starrign Matt Dylan called Factotum. I highly recomemend tham, and then you might like the novel Post Office. It's about working for the post office and it sure makes the chaos make sense!

Nice to "meet" you through Thursday Thirteen. This is my fourth week participating. My list is up here...