Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A Defiant Day

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We are closing on a new house on August 22nd. The stress of it all is almost unbearable. I have promised my oldest daughter that she will start in her new school on the first day of school. So far, that will happen.

This morning my husband called to let me know a realtor would be calling me to sign a contract to list our house. I had already had errands to run and I had promised Monica that I would go to the mall and start buying school clothes.

The realtor called and wanted to come to my house to take pictures and go over the paperwork. This was completely unacceptable considering that we just got home from vacation, packing is in progress and my vacuum cleaner has needed a new belt but the local Kmart is out of stock on the particular belt that I need. With three children, my house is a MESS right now. I agreed to go to her office to fill out paperwork and sign a contract. I gathered all the little Indians, piled them into the mini van, and headed out for our 12:30 appointment.

The office was a nice office and had nice conference rooms for closings, meetings and such. Alexandra was in a defying mood today. I had to tell her "Don't touch the laptop on the table," and "Leave the pens and the markers alone," and "Oh, Alex, why do you have highlighter all over you?" At one point Alexandra was laying on the floor, shoes off with her feet on the wall. I told her to get her feet off the wall. She listened. Smiling, she promptly moved her feet less than one inch from the wall and held them there. I hate it when I'm trying to correct her and she makes me laugh.

Alexandra interrupted our meeting by saying "I gotta pee!" The realtor showed us the bathroom. I asked Monica to stay with her and show come back to the room when they were done. Monica came back to the room. She peeked in and said, "Mommy, Alex is sitting IN the toilet and I can't get her to come out. I mean she's actually IN the toilet not on it." I sighed, got up and went to the bathroom where my naked daughter was dancing around. I went back to the room, got my keys, apologized over and over again to the realtor for taking so much of her time, went to the van, got a pullup, realized I didn't have a change of clothes and went back to the bathroom. I put my naked two year old back into the clothes she was wearing. She had toilet water about 3 inches up the back of her shirt. How embarrassed was I???!!!! VERY!

After getting back to the conference room and talking with the realtor, it turns out she has 4 children, all boys. She was very understanding and probably has had something like this happen to her at some time or another. She was so nice. I'm sure it will be a good business relationship. Had this happened with a realtor who didn't have children, they may not have had such compassion. They may not have taken me as a serious seller. Maybe they would have dreaded working with me. I hope she wasn't just putting on a "happy face" and the real truth is that she really does dread working with me.


Michelle said...

Oh my god, that was hilarious! Poor you! But kids make life interesting, don't they? :) I'm still laughing at your daughter being IN the toilet..

Wystful 1 said...

How funny.

I wish you all success in your new home.

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