Thursday, August 17, 2006

Light at the End of the Tunnel

We are preparing for a big move and a new start. My husband and his brother are doing so well with their business, that Chris has to be there more rather than just working from home. We are moving to a new town and Monica will have to change her school district one last time. The pictures above are the house we are buying. It needs some work (such as the handrails, spindles and steps on the porch were taken down and need to be stripped, painted and put back up). The whole exterior of the house needs to be painted. The bathroom upstairs needs to be completed.

The gentleman that we are buying it from bought it as a HUD house. He gutted it and put new walls up. He did keep all the original woodwork, stripped it down and put it back up. Other great things about this house are new roof, new boiler, new baseboard for heating, original hardwood floors are sanded down, pocket doors separate each room downstairs, a completely remodeled kitchen, did I mention the woodwork? The list goes on forever. We fell in love with this house as soon as we walked in and knew we were buying it before we walked out. The house was not even on the market for twenty four hours!

Now to get my feet to touch the ground again. I hate moving. I hate packing. I hate moving day. We have moved enough in the last twelve years for me to know exactly how I feel about this whole process.

Yesterday and today were spent packing and throwing junk and stuff to the curb. I completely hoed out Monica's room. Oh my, what a little packrat. Getting her to throw anything out is a chore. We did completely and successfully pack her room though.

We are now working on the Alexandra's and Lucianna's room. It's a very small room with a lot of toys in it. They will be moving to a very large room with few toys in it. The house is a four bedroom but while the two are so young, they can share a room. The extra room is going to be a playroom / TV room.

We are also dealing with the stress of not only getting packed but getting this house ready to sell. We've done a lot of work but there are a few projects left unfinished. These things need to be done before people start looking at the house. At least we are fortunate enough not to have to sell our house in order to close on the house we are buying. I think the stress of coordinating the two closings on the same day would send me right over the edge.

Anyway, we are stressed, we are excited and we are anxious. I cannot get Monica registered in her new school until we close on the house. It will be before school starts on September 6th. I have to find a new preschool for Alexandra. I have to find a new church. I have to learn my way around this new town. There are so many things to do. My head is spinning and I'm sure you will hear more about this in the weeks to come.


Jenny said...

Your new house looks really neat! I love the older style of homes. Best wishes for your moving experience!

Crystal Breeze said...

I love the look of your new house. It kinda reminds me alot of when we moved into our new home 6 years ago. We had all the same kind of repairs as you did. We just hacked away at our repair list alittle at a time. Our upstairs bathroom and exterior siding is all that remains to be done. My husband is doing the bathroom job himself and maybe by next summer we will do the siding and replace all the windows. It just takes time and money honey. That is what he always tells me when I want stuff done now. Thankfully we have done this without having to charge a single bit on credit cards.

Goodluck with the move. The house is beautiful and has great curb appeal.