Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Thirteen Thursday # 3

Thirteen Things My Children Do That Make Me Smile

1. Lucianna - everytime anyone looks at her and smiles, she smiles back

2. Lucianna - When I know she's hungry even though shes not fussing i get ready to nurse. She sees my breast and gives me this great big "thank you for thinking of me before I get fussy" smile
3. Lucianna - she doesn't cry at all...if she does wake up at night she sucks her thumb.
4. Lucianna - she talks to the tv when it's on....cooing complete conversations

5. Alexandra - when she wants something she says "peaze" and puts her hands together and interlocks her fingers as if she's praying
6. Alexandra - if she doen't get what she wants she will sniffle and wipe pretend tears from her eyes
7. Alexandra - she is like a cartoon character - full of life and constantly striving to make people laugh....if she sees you laugh then she will do whatever it is she was doing with even more intensity.
8. Alexandra - she is almost completely potty trained. Now when she follows me to the bathroom and I pee, she claps her hands and cheers for me!

9. Monica - she is compassionate, gentle and loving
10. Monica - she loves to read and reads way above her grade level
11. Monica - she gets the highest grades possible and loves school
12. Monica - she makes it easy for me to have girl talks with her, she trusts me with information she wouldn't trust anyone else with and keeps our line of communication open

13. All three of my beautiful girls still love to cuddle and be held.

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15 comments: 2 cents said...

What a sweet list!! Sounds like have cute personalities! And they are all three adorable!

Have a great Thursday!! :)

Deanna said...

great list!..and sounds like great girls too...which must be b/c of a great mommy!..happy Thursday!

Jenny Ryan said...

Nice list :)

Barbara said...

Sounds like you have some precious girls. I love your #5!!

Check out my Thursday Thirteen

Louise said...

The baby photo made me smile too.

Karla said...

That is such a sweet list. :)
Beautiful pictures!
Thanks for stopping by to check out my list today. :)

Mama Duck said...

Awwww, such a sweet list!! Our TT this week is the 13 favorite games of the Lil' Duck - come check it out! Have a wonderful Thursday ;).

Something's Missing said...

I love sniffling and fake tears thing! There is an actress waiting to come out there! :)

Your girls are wonderful people!

My Thursday Thirteen is up!

Happy Thursday!

Natsthename said...

They are all so beautiful. You are blessed!

Pass The Torch said...

That's a really beautiful post. A beautiful tribute to your girls. You have so much to smile about!

Renee said...

Sounds like you have some great kids there.

Thanks for visiting my garden.

Denise said...

I read that you were just added to the T13 blogroll....WELCOME to Thursday Thirteen!!!!

Kimmy said...

AAAAWWWWW! What an adorable list! All three of your beautiful daughters brought a smile to my face! Number 13!!!!!!! Take it as long as you can get it. I miss my cuddle buddy... my son's 10, just started 5th grade and is almost 5'6"!
Happy (belated) T13! My list is up!

Samantha said...

I love this list :) Isnt being a mom to girls GREAT? I have twin daughters, Shelby and Shaleena, they are almost 4 and they are already my best friends!

Lisa K. said...

I loved reading your list. Children are just wonderful aren't they? I couldn't imagine my life without mine.

Thanks for sharing. Lisa K.