Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Another Million Dollar Day

Today I gave my friend a ride to a Dr appointment. While she was there I took the kids to a nearby park. There I witnessed a mother and her two daughters interact. For one hour I didn't hear the mother speak one positive remark to her daughters (at first I thought she was a childcare provider but later heard one of the girls call her Mom). It made me very sad and angry. I wanted desperately to say something to the woman but thought it was not my place and better to just go home and pray about it than to embarrass or anger her right there in the park. One thing it did do though. The situation made me very aware of my interaction with my two yr old. I gave her praise every opportunity I had. I did not reprimand her for getting dirty or playing in the dirt. After all, what fun is the park if you can't get a little dirt on you? We had an awesome time.

When my friend was done with her dr appointment she said that she would watch my children to give me some more "me" time. This is something that I cannot turn down. I dropped her and my two little ones off at her house (the oldest is still at summer camp). My plan was to get my hair cut and styled and get my eyebrows waxed (they have been taking over my face). I went to this nice local salon where you can get a great haircut for a great price. I love this place because they take walk-ins. Being an unorganized mother of three makes it almost impossible to schedule a day alone a week or more in advance.

I ended up getting my hair washed, cut and styled, my eyebrows waxed, a manicure and a pedicure for only $62.00 plus tip. I came out looking like a million bucks and feeling great.

This was my first pedicure ever and the girl who did it was straight out of cosmetology school. She took over an hour for the pedicure alone. I didn't mind though because the chair was a heated massage chair. I was worried that my feet were really bad but she assured me they weren't and proceeded to tell me about someone she had to do last week. After the story of dirty, thick, completely yellow toenails, I felt reassured that I would not be the story of the week (even though the nail of one of my pinky toes came off completely after a run in with one of the heat register covers and I had painted over the nailess bed just so I could wear sandals).

I again had a chaos free day. My children had a good time. Tomorrow I plan on staying in and spending more quality time with the little ones.

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