Saturday, July 22, 2006


I had a great day today. I left at about noon to begin my birthday ventures of being childless for a few hours. I picked up a friend and we went out to eat at our favorite local Mexican Restaurant. We then hit as many stores and bargains as we could before 5:45pm. I had to be home at 6pm because my husband did want to take me to a nice dinner.

We went to Kmart first. They had a few sales and it seemed like everyone in my family needed new socks at the same time. My oldest is also going to summer camp tomorrow so there were some things she needed for the week. I haven't been shopping without children for so long, I forgot how much fun it could be.

Next was Fashion Bug. They had a fantastic sale. Buy anything in the store (except for priced right, and sketchers brand) and get another of equal or lesser value for $1. Woo Hoo!!!!

Next we went to Old Navy. I couldn't control myself there. All clearance items were on sale an additional 50% off. This equaled a total of 75% off everything I bought. I bought clothes for the 2 yr old, the 9 yr old and myself. I saved soooo much money. I also support Old Navy because their clothes are decent and appropriate for all. I hate going to a store and seeing clothes that appear sexy and revealing in a size 6x.

We went to several other places to wrap up a very fun filled shopping spree. I went home, fed the baby and my husband whisked me off to a very nice local fine dining restaurant. We only get to go there when we have a sitter.

By the time I got home I realized how much I need a break every once in a while. I appreciate every little detail of interaction with my children so much more.

Getting out and spending time on me balanced the chaos today.

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