Monday, July 31, 2006

A Knock At the Door

Last night it was hot in our house. When I say hot I mean hotter than outside. We turned off the air conditioner, opened the windows and put fans directly in front of the windows to get some of the cool air into the house.

I decided to take a shower. Alexandra came in with me and Monica watched the baby. It was approximately 10:30pm. I don't force the children to go to bed in their rooms when it's so hot in the house. I'm afraid they'd get sick. Actually, the other night when I was blogging, Alexandra got up really whiney, sat on my lap and then threw up. That was pleasant.

Alexandra and I were in the shower having a good time cooling off when Monica exploded through the door. "MOMMY, MOMMY! SOMEONES KNOCKING ON THE DOOR AND YOU TOLD ME TO NEVER ANSWER THE DOOR WHEN I'M ALONE!"

First I was so happy that my daughter remembered such an important rule. I've never left my daughter alone in the house but she has rules for times that I may be taking a shower or such. When I was pregnant with the baby I was on total bedrest without any real help. My daughter took on a lot of responsibility toward her younger sister at that time and I just let the house fall apart.

Secondly, I was confused at who could be knocking at my door so late at night. I live in a nice neighborhood and no one bothers anyone else. I quickly wrapped myself in a towel but before I could get to the landing I heard the door opening. Monica let out a scream and started running for the door. "It's Daddy!".

My husband wasn't due to come home until Tuesday. He was away in New Hampshire on business. He owns a business with his brother and a big part of it is NH. He goes away for 1 week every month. They had a meeting with a client on Monday but they cancelled over the weekend.

What a nice surprise!

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