Friday, July 21, 2006

Teetoring on the Edge

I am a Christian mom who doesn't always act like it. I try but the chaos gets the best of me. I'm here not only to reach out to others who may feel like I do, but to help myself.

I just had my third child and have not quite adjusted yet. We miss church a lot and don't have as much quality time as we did before the baby.

My husband doesn't believe the same as I do. I'm not a really conservative Christian but things like him and my 9 yr old watching The Simpsons together really unnerves me. This is just one example of an inappropriate situation which creates some problems. I have learned that I must choose my battles. Some days I feel as if I give in too quickly. Other days I feel like the fight itself is more "unChristian" than just letting the situation go on.

Some days I feel immersed in the love of God. Other days I feel like I'm teetoring on the edge of my Christianity. I will always have my faith. I will always be a believer. I just feel like I could do so much better at representing my Lord. I want to do a better job of showing my faith on the outside. I want people to see the way I act and know that I am a Christian. So many times I feel that this is not the case.

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