Friday, July 28, 2006

Dedicated to Everyone Who's Given Me a Dirty Look

I don't know if the magazine realized it would be quite so big, but apparently they got a lot of flack for this beautiful photograph. Read article here. Read some reaction here.

Okay so here's my 2 cents.

I believe breastfeeding mothers have an obligation to be discreet as to not just let everything hang out. I have seen mothers like this in public, my favorite being the girl I saw in Walmart in a too tight tank top up to her neck and the baby hanging off her breast like a Christmas ornament as she walked down the aisle with the other breast hanging out. This classless and shocking act offended even me (but I do give credit to a young girl for going with breastfeeding).

I believe the photo above is completely tasteful for a baby magazine and if you are offended by it then don't look. I am offended by Playboy and Hustler but you don't see me writing to them about how offended I am about the magazine covers I don't even look.

My baby doesn't like a bottle. If she is bottle fed you have to manually squeeze the milk into her mouth until she chokes and swallows it because she refuses to latch on to the nipple. I believe this is cruel so I don't leave her with anyone for a long period of time (4 hrs at the most). Each of my children deserved the best and no less. I determined that the benefits of breastfeeding far outweigh any benefits to formula feeding for me. My daughters deserved it. If you have a choice (some moms don't because of medications, milk production issues etc) then please consider trying to do what your body was made to do. Your baby deserves the benefits.

If you are offended or turned on by a blob of my fat that might accidently show itself in a clothing malfunction, then do me the courtesy and look away because you are the sick individual gawking at me. I do not bare it all. I am very conservative. I wear loose t shirts so that you don't see anything. Sometimes I can be sitting directly in front of you, feeding my child and you wouldn't even notice unless you were looking somewhere on my body you really shouldn't be looking anyway.

I will feed my child in the dirty bathroom when you bring your plate in and sit in the stall next to me, or better yet, make your child sit in there and eat.

If you think it's "gross" that I feed my child the way God intended, (if you don't believe in God then the way nature intended or whatever you believe in) then look up the word mammal. If you think my child deserves less than the best, you are dead wrong. If you are anti breastfeeding and think the whole act is sick, then you are a fool.

If you are a breastfeeding mother and someone gives you a really hard time, know your rights. The saying "Knowledge is Power" is very true. If you are a mom or mom to be who would like support or more information on breastfeeding, contact your local chaper of La Leche League today.

If you have questions or are uneasy about breastfeeding or need support, feel free to comment. I will be glad to talk to you.


Mama Kelly said...

::: applause :::

twiga92 said...

I think when it is tastefully and discreetly done, there should be no problem with it. My friend needed to feed her baby while we were at a restaurant. She usually has a blanket for cover but had forgotten that day. I was sitting right next to her and couldn't see a thing. I'm not a mother myself, but I think breastfeeding is important.

fivetimemom said...

I feel like this breastfeeding issue is just another example of people sticking their noses where they don't belong.... It is not anyones business how a mother chooses to feed her child. If you don't like it don't look....