Monday, July 24, 2006

Useless Information Saves the Night

Last Monday I went to a trivia night with my friend who is a high school teacher. Her and a group of teachers from the school that she teaches in go each Monday night.

Let me start from the beginning of the story. That day was extremely hot although sweltering is a better word. I had been swimming with the girls and got home just in time to run the oldest down to the Vacation Bible School that she was attending. It gets sooooo hot in my house. Our poor air conditioner just can't do the job by itself. The coolest place is in the air conditioned minivan, so we took a drive.

The plan was to drop me off at trivia time. When we got there I realized that I was still in my bathing suit top (a v neck tankini which probably was a little low cut for the teachers there), cut off jeans and flip flops. Oh well who was I trying to impress. I went in with my friend who then introduced me to fellow teachers and the high school principal. Urghhh! These women were looking at me as if I walked in from Mars. The funny thing is that I fit right in with the crunchy, vegan establishment that had the trivia night. I just didn't fit in with the group that I was with.

When trivia started there were a few questions that I did know and a few that I didn't. The group was so diverse that most questions were answered. The one question that no one knew except for me? Believe it or not there was one. It went something like this.

Robert VanWinkle is better known as this rapper?

I guess it was just one too many nights of VH1 top 100 countdowns. Maybe it was MTVs most outrageous moments. Whatever it was that made my mind retain that bit of useless information, I'm very glad it happened. I knew the answer and not one of the academics around me knew. After that there was a little more respect and more fun with trivia.

Oh, by the way. If you didn't know the answer, it's Vanilla Ice.

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